College Football Pick’em – Week 3

Oh, Matthew. Dropping F-bombs on national television isn’t very Minister of Culture of you.

But as fun as that Texas-LSU game was, I’d like to propose a small (probably stupid) theory I have regarding Tennessee’s decade-long slump:

Social media is keeping Tennessee from rising from the ashes.

Tennessee, for all its riches and historical glory, became the unfortunate recipient of a downturn at the worst possible time in our society’s evolution. Every recruit for the better part of the last decade is able to get on Twitter and see the nation pointing and laughing at Tennessee’s misfortunes: The Kiffin riots, the countless gut-punching losses to Florida, the wild coaching search that turned into protests and the great fan uprising (and lead to the sacking of the AD), the losing-streak to Vandy, being winless in the SEC, “Champions of Life” and other Butchisms, #FireButchJones…

And my personal favorite, this glorious old-school meme from the 2012 coaching search after they were turned down by several coaches, such as Mike Gundy. And Larry Fedora. And Charlie Strong. And Jon Gruden.

Who wants to go play for this school and be laughed at? I’m biased, but I wouldn’t.

Anyway, to the Week 3 picks.

Faux Betting Status Through Week 2

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$541.50

Why – WHY – did I pick Tennessee to cover/win against BYU?

Picks Status Through Week 2

Straight Picks15 / 21
Points83 / 103

10. Alabama -25 over South Carolina


9. Ohio State -16.5 over Indiana

Ohio State didn’t miss a beat from Meyer’s resignation, did they? They’re going to the playoff, aren’t they?

8. Clemson over Syracuse +28

I’m probably going to regret this. Syracuse is 1-1 against Clemson in the last two games with a stunning win in 2017, and last year they came closer than just about anyone to giving Clemson a loss on the year. The last two games, Trevor Lawrence hasn’t looked himself.

‘Cuse covers the 28, but Clemsons still wins. DINO!

7. Florida -8 over Kentucky

Time for another 31-year Gator win streak. While Kentucky isn’t exactly the SEC East pushover they’ve historically been, they’ve lost a lot of up-front talent. Florida isn’t very good, but I can’t see a way the Gators lose this.

6. Mississippi State -8 over Kansas State

My mentally in years prior was to never doubt the great purple wizard, but alas, he has retired. Moorhead is a good coach with a more talented team, but an injured Tommy Stevens gives me some hesitation.

5. UCF -7.5 over Stanford

This is a weird matchup. Stanford looked pedestrian against USC… or maybe USC is just better than we all thought (see below). UCF just doesn’t give you reasons to doubt them, and even with Scott Frost’s departure they play above and beyond their expectations.

4. Virginia -7.5 over Florida State

I’m picking against Florida State all year until they give me a reason not to. It seriously took a missed PAT in overtime – not a blocked PAT, a missed PAT – for the ‘noles to escape the mighty University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks.

3. USC -4.5 over BYU

So USC proved to be a more formidable foe that I think a lot of us gave them credit for. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe it wasn’t. The jury is still out on BYU. They were “some poo poo” against Utah, but then Tennessee happened.


2. Iowa State +2.5 over Iowa

Oh there’s no way I’m picking against Iowa State here. Spooky things happen in Aimes.

1. Texas Tech -2 over Arizona