College Football Pick’em – Week 5

SEC Shorts summarized Week 4 the best:

Notre Dame? More like NOTRE FLOP thank you I’ll see myself out…

Faux Betting Status Through Week 4

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$543.01

There’s plenty of time for me to recover from Week 1. Unfortunately I’m still doing worse than Week 1.

Picks Status Through Week 4

Straight Picks30 / 41
Points175 / 220

10. Wisconsin -24 over Northwestern

Wisconsin showed us all everything that Michigan isn’t. The game was so close to being a total domination and shutout, short of a few questionable flags that essentially gave Michigan at least one touchdown. Still, Michigan is officially out of the playoff picture, and Wisconsin looks like the cream of the Big Ten West.

9. Texas A&M -23 over Arkansas

I’m so, so sorry, Arkansas fans. The SEC West was so much fun when the Top 4 teams in the nation included Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas.

Ah, good times.

8. Ohio State -17 over Nebraska

Why type when there’s a video?

7. Notre Dame over Virginia +12

Is Virginia actually good? Maybe. Is Notre Dame overrated? Always.

6. Auburn over Mississippi State, the over 46.5

There are a few predictive tools that actually have Mississippi State winning this game. I’m extremely hesitant to bite that. But given that information, I’ll just take the over and make the safe pick, the home team (and more talented team) wins.

5. Washington -10 over USC


4. Utah over Washington State, the over 56.5

I still need to go back and watch how Washington State scored 63 points and still lost to a winless UCLA. That’s incredible. Is there a point total a single team can score and be guaranteed a win? I think this game shows us the answer is a hard and definitive NO.

Goodness gracious, the Pac-12 is a hot mess.

3. Iowa State -3 over Baylor

Don’t look now (… look now) but Baylor is undefeated. But no more. I picked the Cyclones last week and they let me down after a brutal series of weather delays. BUT NOT THIS WEEK! I hope…

2. Nevada over Hawaii, the under 65

I don’t have a ton of faith in either offenses. Honestly my gut told me to pick Hawaii to win but my brain said Nevada.

1. Kansas State over Oklahoma State, the over 60

Big 12 and overs. Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.