College Football Pick’em – Week 6

Faux Betting Status Through Week 5

… yikes. I’m seriously glad this is fake money because I am horrible at this.

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$293.22

Picks Status Through Week 5

Straight Picks37 / 51
Points224 / 275

I’m making all these picks while under the influence of several prescription drugs to help me get over a gnarly post-cold cough. If any of this is incoherent, blame it on a mixture of uppers and downers.

10. Georgia -24.5 over Tennessee

I see no way Tennessee stays in this game. Now add to their issues the audio from Jeremy Banks’ September arrest, featuring Jeremy Pruitt accosting the police for arresting someone with a warrant.

I mean… c’mon, man.

9. Ohio State -20 over Michigan State

Michigan State is barely hanging on to their winning recording with an abysmal offense, and Ohio State is making mince meant of all their opponents. This could get out of hand very quickly.

8. Oregon -17.5 over Cal

17.5 points seems like a lot to hang on Oregon against a conference foe, but I can’t find any reason Cal would cover.

Now watch them cover easily just to make a fool out of me.

7. Washington -16.5 over Stanford

Washington is playing for the Rose Bowl at this point, and Stanford is struggling to put together a game plan.

6. Miami over Virginia Tech +14

Both teams are bad, but Virginia Tech is having a rough season thus far. Still, Miami gives me no pause to give them 14 points.

Fun video: the hosts of ESPN’s College Gameday drunkenly recorded their shock of how bad Virginia Tech is:

5. Texas over West Virginia +11

I still don’t have a good read on Texas, but I think they win a close one in Morgantown.

4. Oklahoma State over Texas Tech +10.5

I’m not getting burned by another Big 12 Under this week and will instead just make the bet for a close game. Cowboys win.

3. Air Force -3.5 over Navy

Bold Prediction: AMERICA wins.

2. Iowa +3.5 over Michigan

How is Michigan favored in this? Seriously? I don’t buy it, and I’m not picking Michigan against a ranked conference foe.

1. Florida +2.5 over Auburn

UPSET: I’m totally being swayed by computer projections that have Florida winning by an AVERAGE of 10 points at home against their seldom-played Tigers of the Plains. Florida’s offense has IMPROVED under backup quarterback Kyle Trask, and I think they shock the kitty cats from Alabama Polytechnic A&M College.