College Football Pick’em – Week 7

Bo Nix Fumble

You know what’s missing from this year’s College Football campaign? Upsets. REAL upsets. Upsets where the home crowd storms the field because their brains are surging with adrenaline and dopamine and probably alcohol after beating a Top 5 team.

I think the last time that happened in my memory was Syracuse upsetting Clemson in the Carrier Dome.

Pundits like to call field-storming dangerous, classless, what have you. But I love it. It’s one of the elements of college football that make the sport superior in entertainment value to the NFL.

And we’ve had none of it thus far in 2019.

Faux Betting Status Through Week 6

This is the first week that I’ve won more than half of my fake bets.

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$334.27

Picks Status Through Week 6

Straight Picks42 / 61
Points257 / 330

10. Clemson -27 over Florida State


In all seriousness, I’ve been watching the SEC documentary series on ESPN/SEC Network, “Saturdays in the South” (which is fantastic, by the way), and one thing that has stood out to me is the role Florida State had in the SEC’s history/success. A lot of prominence, success, and national championships were won on the backs of a Florida State loss.

My, how the times have changed.

9. Alabama -17 over Texas A&M

Prediction: Alabama is clinging to a 7-point lead at halftime, then proceeds to quiet the “un-intimidating” Kyle Field crowd.

8. LSU over Florida +13

“Despite their best efforts, Florida remains undefeated.” -the most accurate description of the 2019 Florida Gators thus far.

7. Boise State -12 over Hawai’i

Death. Taxes. Boise State being good at football. They’re also 4-1 against the spread, so I’m leaning on the Broncos to get me out of my faux betting slump.

6. Wisconsin -10.5 over Michigan State

Wisconsin has looked so good all season, but will Michigan State’s defense be able to slow down Jonathan Taylor enough to cover? I don’t think they will, but they may show the rest of the Big Ten (aka, Ohio State) how to defeat the Badgers.

5. Baylor -11 over Texas Tech

Raise your hand if you had Baylor entering Week 7 undefeated.


4. Oklahoma over Texas, the over 75

If there’s one thing about the Red River Shootout Classic Rivalry Showdown that I know is that you never pick one team over the other. It doesn’t matter if one is undefeated and one is winless. Weird things happen in this game, and its always close when it shouldn’t be.

Hell, even Charlie Strong has a win in this series.

Unfortunately I have to pick a team, so OU is it. Jalen Hurts, in my mind, is currently the most deserving player of the Heisman trophy. But the only thing I’m willing to faux-bet here is the over.

3. Notre Dame -10.5 over USC

Fun fact, Urban Meyer is the +150 favorite to be the head coach of the USC Trojans in Week 1 of the 2020 season. I honestly can’t imagine being Clay Helton right now, with the media circus (which now includes Meyer himself) circling over head waiting to pounce on your job.

2. Memphis over Temple +5.5

Is Memphis for real? Do the Owls actually present a formidable challenge to the Tigers? Does anyone even know?

1. Penn State -3.5 over Iowa

An undefeated team travels to Kinnick with national championship hopes on the line and is a slight favorite. It’s literally a disaster waiting to happen.

But I’m breaking up with teams in the State of Iowa. They’re dead to me. I can’t rely on them for chaos.