College Football Pick’em – Week 9

I would like to quote just a small excerpt of a truly glorious plea to the Big Ten Network (Leave Us Be) by a dedicated Illinois fan prior to their game against Wisconsin as 31.5-point underdogs:

I got an email about BTN Tailgate being in Champaign on Saturday. That’s BTN’s own “College Gameday” show where they go to a campus and do a live show at 9:00 am. It was announced before the season that they’d be in Champaign for the Wisconsin game but I forgot about it until this email. Now, it just seems cruel. Why put our faces on TV? Haven’t we suffered enough?

Oh my.

If only he knew what we all know now.

Faux Betting Status Through Week 8

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$362.02

This is why Vegas is rich and I am poor.

Picks Status Through Week 8

Straight Picks*58 / 81
Points*356 / 440

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

10. Oklahoma over Kansas State +23.5

I know the Purple Wizard isn’t in Manhattan anymore, but despite my belief that Jalen Hurts is winning Oklahoma’s third-straight Heisman, Big 12 gonna Big 12 and Kansas State covers.

9. Ohio State over Wisconsin +14

Illinois? I mean, c’mon, Illinois?

8. Oregon -14 over Washington State

So Oregon is still good, but can they make the playoff if they run the table? How do you pick them over an 11-1 Alabama? Or an 11-1 Auburn? Or an 11-1 LSU? Or an 11-1 Florida? Or an 11-1 Georgia? Or an 11-1 Ohio State? Or an 11-1 Penn State? Or a 12-1 Oklahoma? I don’t think you can…

7. LSU -11 over Auburn

Bold prediction: the Tigers will win. This will be LSU’s toughest defense they’ve faced. I’m extremely interested to see if Auburn can keep LSU’s explosive offense in check.

6. UCF -10.5 over Temple

I don’t think UCF is winning the National Championship again this year. Nor do I think they lose to Temple.

5. Penn State -6.5 over Michigan State

This game shouldn’t be close, honestly. But yet, here we are with Penn State less than a touchdown favorite over a team with an anemic Big Ten offense that would have even Les Miles say, “Dang man, you need to innovate.”

4. Air Force -3 over Utah State

3. Virginia -3 over Louisville

Honestly, I know nothing about these two games. Field goal favorites = low confidence picks.

2. Notre Dame -1 over Michigan

Here’s where things get Interesting. Michigan is probably going 8-4. Harbaugh is probably going to the NFL. Michigan players can probably see the writing on the wall. Yet Notre Dame is only a 1-point favorite.

1. TCU +1 over Texas


Is that what they chant? No? Oh well.

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