College Football Pick’em – Week 10

College football is the greatest sport in the world because it contains silly things like turnover chains, pig calls, and wagons that pose a major rollover risk.

Speaking of, I wonder if the Sooner Schooner had the NTSB-required rollover warnings on its sun visors?

But college football is also the greatest sport in the world because amateur athletes make amateur mistakes, like this glorious sequence of events that led to Kansas kicking TWO game-winning field goals.

Faux Betting Status Through Week 9

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$343.92

Halp. Much like the Sooner Schooner, my fake bets have rolled over.

Picks Status Through Week 9

Straight Picks*65 / 91
Points*396 / 495

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

There are a lot of close games this week, meaning my picks will probably end up being a bloody mess.

10. Michigan -21.5 over Maryland

Okay okay, Michigan, you have an offense I guess. Or maybe you just feed off torrential rain.

And sadly, this is the only game of which I am confident in the result…

9. Wake Forest over NC State, the over 60

Wake Forest might be the 2nd best team in the ACC and that’s atrocious for the ACC. I haven’t watched a second of either team play but I’m hoping for points points points.

8. Georgia over Florida +6.5

A few weeks ago we were discussing an undefeated vs undefeated in the WLOCP. While that may not be true anymore, this game should be the SEC East decider. It’s a good game virtually every year, and it’s on my bucket list of games to attend. Georgia wins, Florida covers.

7. Oregon -4.5 over USC

Has the Pac-12 been eliminated from the playoff? Oregon is a loooong shot to get in and relies on chaos in the SEC and Big 10. They have to win this game. So far they’ve survived a few close games, but USC is the grittiest team in the Pac-12. Honestly, I’m very hesitant to bet Oregon because I’m just not sure their offense can move the ball effectively against USC’s defense.

6. Utah -3.5 over Washington

Has the Pac-12 been eliminated from the playoff? Utah is a loooong shot to get in and relies on… wait, did anyone else just have deja vu?

5. Miami +3.5 over Florida State

Florida State is favored and I can’t figure out why. I know Miami has been a letdown in an already bad ACC, but Florida State is already licking their chops at Urban Meyer. Allegedly…

4. Utah State over BYU +3.5

I said earlier I wouldn’t pick BYU to win again, but I guess picking them to cover doesn’t count, right?

3. TCU +3 over Oklahoma State

HOW BOUT DEM FROGS giving me a major boost in my Pick’em group! Can they do it again? (I say yes)

2. Virginia over +2.5 over North Carolina

Every UNC game this season has been decided by a touchdown or less. That’s remarkable. I see no reason why that would change against Virginia, even considering that Virginia-Clemson was expected to be the joke of an ACC Championship.

1. SMU +6 over Memphis

Gameday in Memphis, you say?

‘Stangs all the way.