College Football Pick’em – Week 12

Believe it or not, computer projections have Penn State only winning this game by 3 points. Three! If Minnesota wins this game, I’ll write a poem about gophers.

– me, last week


*cough cough*

I once saw a creature stand by the door,
Clad both strong in maroon and gold,
With teeth so scarce yet always front,
And fervent hunger said with grunt,
Quoth the gopher, nom some more.

“A boat I seek!” he said with glee,
For Lion’s shame on vict’ry’s sea,
A Fleck of hope for Indy’s scene,
For one more bite to seal the dream,
Quoth the gopher, nom some more.


Faux Betting Status Through Week 11

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$446.75

I would like to end only $500 in the hole.

Picks Status Through Week 11

Straight Picks*78 / 111
Points*485 / 605

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

10. Clemson -34 over Wake Forest

Why is ESPN continually putting Clemson games on the pick’em with these giant spreads? Wouldn’t a lesser known MAC or MWC matchup be more intriguing to have to research and pick? This just feels cruel.

9. Penn State -14.5 over Indiana

Unfortunate, 10-WINDIANA may not happen, at least in the regular season.

8. Michigan over Michigan State +14

This game is weird. Michigan has found its stride (finally). Michigan State is regressing rapidly. Yet somehow you just still don’t have confidence that the Wolverines can put this game away in a hurry.

7. Oklahoma over Baylor +10

Finally. I’ve been calling the Bears frauds for several weeks now but that was against inferior competition. They’ll be put down (yikes) this weekend, but I’ll spot them the spread because I’m nice that way.

6. Florida -7 over Missouri

I live with a Missouri fan and he’s ready to dump Barry Odom. Florida, meanwhile, is still a good football team. Honestly, I don’t see this being close.

5. Iowa State -7 over Texas

Ladies and gentlemen, the Iowa State AD:

4. Navy +7 over Notre Dame

I’m picking Navy outright here. Ever since the Michigan game, I have zero confidence that Brian Kelly knows what to do with the enormous amount of talent Notre Dame amasses year after year.

3. USC over Cal +6.5

Urban Watch update: a CFB insider on the radio made an extremely good point about USC and Urban. Those who wield power on that campus are extremely hesitant to bring Urban — a coach infamous for leaving a path of destruction behind him — on board at the same time that school is fighting its admissions scandal.

Which begs the question: who is capable of more negative publicity, Urban Meyer or Lori Loughlin?

2. Minnesota +3 over Iowa

You’re kidding yourself if you think I’m picking against Minnesota now, however, big win hangovers are real.

1. Georgia -3 over Auburn

Hell I don’t know. Banner Society called Auburn “The Great Ruiner of Things” and I can’t think of a more adapt description for a single program.