College Football Pick’em – Week 13

The game of football is a rough and violent sport, and Tua Tagovailoa is just another victim of the beast.

I could write endlessly on how frustrating it is to see a talent cut so short, but enough has already been written by those far more qualified to write it.

On to the picks.

Faux Betting Status Through Week 12

Starting Pool$1,000.00
Current Funds$339.69

*waves white flag*

Picks Status Through Week 12

Straight Picks*86 / 121
Points*534 / 660

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

10. Utah -22 over Arizona

The Utes just feel like that scrappy little powerhouse that no one (except USC) can stop. Move along.

9. Notre Dame over Boston College +20

Notre Dame, as often as I drub them for being overrated, is a superior team to Boston College. But 20 points just feels like a lot to give Notre Dame.

8. Ohio State -18.5 over Penn State

Think about this: Ohio State is an 18-point favorite over a divisional rival that (until last week) was a playoff contender. I’m not sure if that says more about Ohio State’s completeness as a team, or Penn State’s trademark November Disappointment.

7. Oregon -14 over Arizona State

{{note to self, copy and paste what I said about Utah here}}

6. Minnesota -13.5 over Northwestern

I was so disappointed in the Gophers. But alas, Northwestern is… is not good at football this year. The Gophers win big and setup a Big Ten West title game against Wisconsin in the final week.

5. Georgia -13 over Texas A&M

The Aggie Annual Roller Coaster came late this year, but it’s here.

I wonder how College Station feels about their fully-guaranteed $75 million coach.

4. Michigan over Indiana +10



3. Cincinnati -10 over Temple

Cincinnati is quietly and probably the best non-Privileged 5 Conference team. I don’t think Temple gives them a scare, but we’re at the point in the season where injuries and bruises start to stack up, and teams without massive depth start to break.

2. Boise State -9 over Utah State

Hell I don’t know. The favorite?

1. Baylor -6 over Texas


… but will still beat Texas.