College Football Pick’em – Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. The regular season (sans Army-Navy) ends this week. RIP 2019 College Football Regular Season. You were far too young.

It’s Rivalry week, so while technically anything can happen (and if often does), we’ve had 13 weeks to get to know these teams. Last week I went 9-1 in my picks; I’m going 10-0 this week!

Faux Betting Status Through Week 13

I’ve basically gone bust.

Picks Status Through Week 13

Straight Picks*95 / 131
Points*582 / 715

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

10. Utah over Colorado

Utah sits at #6 in the CFP polling. With Oregon out of the picture, they have to not just win the Pac-12, they have to run up the score. Utes by 50.

9. Clemson over South Carolina

Again, Clemson keeps showing up in the pick’em as if anyone has any chance against them right now. What’s the point?

8. LSU over Texas A&M

$75 million dollar coach is forced to eat super spicy gumbo.

7. Oklahoma over Oklahoma State

While the Sooners will win, I think Bedlam will be the nail in the coffin for Jalen Hurt’s Heisman chances, sadly.

6. Ohio State over Michigan

The Buckeyes looked… human?… against Penn State. That game was filled with Uncharacteristically Buckeye Blunders. Does Michigan and Harbaugh FINALLY get a win over The Ohio State University?


5. Navy over Houston


4. Iowa State over Kansas State

An inconsequential Big 12 matchup in primetime? Oh sign me up for chaos.

3. Alabama over Auburn


2. Wisconsin over Minnesota

This took some serious thought. The winner goes on to Indianapolis. Minnesota has one brutal loss in Spooky Kinnick, but Wisconsin looked to be the class of the Big Ten from Weeks 1-6, then just pooped the bed. This is as close to a coin-flip as it gets for me.

1. UCLA over Cal

Uh, Chip Kelly? Ya gonna do anything?