College Football Pick’em – Championship Week

As personally frustrating and painful the Iron Bowl was to this Alabama fan, the images of the lady getting stuck in the hedges have provided me endless hours of chuckles through the tears.

Alas, here we are. It’s Championship Week, a week where every conference has something on the line except the ACC.

The ACC is dog shit.

Picks Status Through Week 14

Straight Picks*102 / 141
Points*629 / 770

*Week 7 picks were not saved to ESPN’s College Football Pick’em. Actual score is less.

One thing: I appreciate the little guy as much as the next, but I find it funny that ESPN’s Pick’em included 9 out of the 10 FBS conference championships, the one exception being the Pac-12 Championship. Instead, we have to pick the SWAC Championship game.

The Pac-12 Championship is arguably the most impactful out of the games being played Saturday. That #4 playoff spot is likely to be Utah’s if they win and Oklahoma loses to Baylor (I don’t think Baylor gets in). The SEC, Clemson, and Ohio State are surely in, but that Pac-12 or Big 12 Champion is likely #4.


It’s also interesting to me that there isn’t a single game that — as of this posting the Thursday before Championship Saturday — is less than a touchdown point spread… except one, and of course it’s the Pac-12.

10. ACC: Clemson over Virginia


9. B1G: Ohio State over Wisconsin

This won’t go much differently from the 38-7 drubbing the Buckeyes handed the Badgers back in October. Both Clemson and Ohio State will cruise into the playoff.

8. MWC: Boise State over Hawai’i

Boise State’s one loss is against BYU. Boise State is a young team that makes young mistakes, and when you play against a team whose average age is guaranteed to be at least 2-3 years higher than you, that’s tough. Yet it was a 3-point game. Hawai’i benefitted from a weak West division. Broncos all the way.

7. AAC: Memphis over Cincinnati

These two teams literally just played each other. In Memphis. Now they get to play again. In Memphis. Same result, colder weather.

6. SEC: LSU over Georgia

It was hard putting this game this far down, but I think it might be closer than most people are thinking. I don’t see Georgia winning, but when you look at all the reasons Georgia lost to a terrible South Carolina team, those reasons just haven’t repeated themselves: kicking issues, dropped passes, and a lights-out performance by the opponent. It was a fluke, a one-off head-scratcher of a result. The Dawgs stay competitive, but LSU will still win by more than their one-touchdown point spread.

5. SWAC: Alcorn State over Southern

Hell I don’t know. A quick analysis says Alcorn.

4. B12: Oklahoma over Baylor


And I don’t think Oklahoma will let themselves get into the pickle they found themselves in Waco. However, that all rests on Jalen Hurts. He’s been a troubling turnover machine. If he cleans that up, Oklahoma cruises to a victory and lands that #4 spot. But if its close, or if Hurts turns it over more than twice, look out…

3. CUSA: Florida Atlantic over UAB

On one side, there’s Lane Kiffin, where not much needs to be said. However on the other, you have the conference’s most underrated coach in Bill Clark, the man that not only chose to stick around while Ray Watts tried to destroy the UAB football program, he immediately returned the team to glory, and has consistently won a lot of games each season and finds himself back in the Conference-USA Championship for the second time since the #BlazerResurrection (I don’t know if that’s an actual thing). Still, I like the Owls here purely on Kiffin’s offensive prowess.

2. MAC: Central Michigan over Miami (OH)

I honestly don’t know. I haven’t watched a snap of either team this year.

1. SBC: Louisiana-Lafayette over Appalachian State

UPSET! The team-that-insists-they-be-called-something-they-are-not beats the ranked Mountaineers.

Honorable Mention. PAC12: Utah over Oregon

No points here, but I want to go on record and say Utah wins by two touchdowns. Oregon just doesn’t have the defensive weapons to stop Utah. Yes, Utah lost to USC, which at the time seemed like the most puzzling result of the season (until Georgia-South Carolina happened). Now that USC is 8-4, it doesn’t look that terrible. After that loss, Utah went on a tear and obliterated the rest of the competition. They’ve got a running attack, they’ve got an air attack, and best of all, they’re fun to watch.