About Me

iTim License Plate

Hi. I’m Tim. I work in IT for a large company in Nashville, Tenn. I don’t like to write that much, which makes this website one giant ironic comedy sketch.

I got the (actually seldom-used) nickname iTim while in high school because, at the time, I was 100% loyal to Apple and Apple products to a fault. I’m only 99% loyal now; the Server app ruined that for me. I briefly marched in an all-age Drum and Bugle Corps whose leadership was hell-bent on giving nicknames to every member. iTim was just natural and it stuck. Besides, if I had contested the nickname, they would have pushed harder. The term consent doesn’t apply to nicknames, after all.

I got my technical start writing HTML at around eight years old, which makes this WordPress-powered website even more ironic. From there, I just got interested in modifying game graphics, writing small scripts, then writing large scripts, etc. etc. etc. Now I write scripts to find the other scripts that did that one thing that’s broken now.

I’m a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree that has lots of abbreviations no one cares about anymore. I’m also getting an MBA at Tennessee Tech as long as they’ll let me keep enrolling. Anyway, I’m here to mainly post about nerdy things, pictures, or whatever I feel like.