Bad Drivers

Nashville’s Finest Drivers: A Drunk Driver

In the year 2020, it amazes me that Drunk Drivers still exist when cabs and shared ride services exist almost for the very purpose of getting you home safely. Yet this idiot still chooses to drive.

I tried contacting police, but I couldn’t make out the plate when I was driving in the rain, and Siri is useless. I hope someone recognizes this colossal idiot and either turns him in, or shames him into getting help.

Nashville’s Finest Drivers: A New Series

I recently bought a Thinkware F800 Pro dashcam, and the entertainment value has made it worth every penny.

Understand that I primarily bought it because of a recent string of auto insurance fraud attempts near where I live. Dashcams are a great way to protect you from such hooliganism.

But they also catch drivers doing questionable maneuvers, drivers who think they’re more important than anyone else, or even a daredevil pedestrian who doesn’t know what a crosswalk is.

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