Setting Up a Networked Time Machine Server in 2020

Alternative title: “How I Wasted Five Hours of my Life Doing Something That Should Have Been Really Simple”.

A few months ago, my original Apple AirPort Time Capsule, purchased October 2009, finally bit the dust. The original 1TB hard disk drive built into the network router + wireless access point + file share server device succumbed to its age. 11 years in tech years is basically 111 years, after all.

As sad as it was to lose the oldest working piece of tech I owned (along with all my historical snapshots), I had been mentally prepared for the inevitability and what the next steps were.

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Recovering from recovery errors with Apple’s T2 chip -2101F

If you came across this post, there’s a good chance you’re staring at your Mac with the T2 chip in horror, because is giving you one of its recovery errors.

These recovery errors occur when attempting Internet Recovery mode and tells you to go to with the error code -2101F or -3403F.

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Apple puts macOS Server On the Chopping Block

macOS Server Icon

Lost yesterday in the flurry of software updates that included iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4, watchOS 4.3, and tvOS 11.3, followed by the disappointment of iCloud messages and Airplay 2 once again being pulled last minute from the public release, Apple pushed an update for their server package (5.6) that warns users of a big change coming in the Fall of 2018.

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