Dream: Hellscape at Home

Filtered tornado over the horizon behind a house

Prelude — Occasionally, I’ll have a wild dream that rocks me to my core, enough for me not to want to sleep again for the next several days. This is my first real effort to start documenting these nightmares. I do not yet know what I hope to accomplish by publicly sharing these aside from telling the tales of the abstract that are vivid, sleep-depriving dreams. I hope you enjoy.

* * * *

The Storm

It’s a relatively quiet afternoon, all things considered. I’m standing outside my home — normally in a dense, urban neighborhood — out in an open field of tall grass and sparse oak trees. It’s nearing dusk, and a dangerous storm is on the horizon. Despite this, there’s a relentless calmness in the air. The wind of the approaching storm is steady, quite contrary to the sight of the pitch-black clouds blocking most of the setting sun, sans a few beams of light. The sound was a constant, high-pitched whine and static, almost as if the sky was bellowing a war cry.

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