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The Fujita scales have served us well, but it is time to move on

Destruction left behind the Quad-State Tornado

As I write this, it has been roughly three days following a devastating tornado outbreak across the midwestern and southeastern United States. While not yet confirmed, there appeared to be a record-setting tornado that stretched from northeastern Arkansas, across southern Missouri, western Tennessee, and across Kentucky, where recovery operations are ongoing and the death toll climbs every day.

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Setting Up a Networked Time Machine Server in 2020

Alternative title: “How I Wasted Five Hours of my Life Doing Something That Should Have Been Really Simple”.

A few months ago, my original Apple AirPort Time Capsule, purchased October 2009, finally bit the dust. The original 1TB hard disk drive built into the network router + wireless access point + file share server device succumbed to its age. 11 years in tech years is basically 111 years, after all.

As sad as it was to lose the oldest working piece of tech I owned (along with all my historical snapshots), I had been mentally prepared for the inevitability and what the next steps were.

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How To Playoff: The College Football Playoff is Fundamentally Broken

College Football is simply the greatest sport in America[citation needed]. It’s silly, wondrous, filled with passion, thrilling, riddled with scandal, “not for profit” wink wink, and occasionally has some of the greatest stories of raw, unadulterated pettiness that belongs in a yet-to-be-established Non-Fiction Hall of Shame.

And yet we as a civilized society cannot come to a consensus on how to figure out a champion.

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