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Resolving brief L2TP VPN sessions and disconnect errors

I recently abandoned macOS as a server solution (future blog post about that BS) and have switched to Ubuntu. The straw that broke the camels back for me was a reliable VPN solution that didn’t involve OpenVPN.

Don’t get me wrong, OpenVPN is fine, but the lack of built-in support for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS clients and having to rely on clunky or expensive client packages for support felt like a non-starter for me.

Instead, I wanted a simple L2TP or IKEv2 VPN. Virtually every OS has built-in client support for them and they’re plenty secure. Plus, it’s very easy to deploy to Apple devices using a .mobileConfig file.

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Create a Mixing Gradient Animation with CSS

I’ve gone through several logos for this personal blog of mine, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with any of them. I finally honed-in on the “dotted-T”, but then came the really tough decision.

What color will it be?

Well, why choose one? I can make it transparent and dynamically change the background element behind it depending on the season. But then I got another idea, and after playing around with some CSS animations for a few hours, I came up with a way to make this blending colors effect.

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Six Beginner’s Lessons with AWS

Earlier this month, I got started with Amazon Web Service, the golden goose egg of the retail giant of the same name.

Outside of the IT sphere, most people have no clue how massive their favorite online retailer’s cloud business is (hint, it was $2.12 Billion in just the second quarter of 2019). In fact, it’s so massive, in 2017 a typo in Amazon’s S3 code caused significant chunks of the internet to go dark.

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