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Resolving brief L2TP VPN sessions and disconnect errors

I recently abandoned macOS as a server solution (future blog post about that BS) and have switched to Ubuntu. The straw that broke the camels back for me was a reliable VPN solution that didn’t involve OpenVPN.

Don’t get me wrong, OpenVPN is fine, but the lack of built-in support for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS clients and having to rely on clunky or expensive client packages for support felt like a non-starter for me.

Instead, I wanted a simple L2TP or IKEv2 VPN. Virtually every OS has built-in client support for them and they’re plenty secure. Plus, it’s very easy to deploy to Apple devices using a .mobileConfig file.

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Create a Mixing Gradient Animation with CSS

I’ve gone through several logos for this personal blog of mine, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with any of them. I finally honed-in on the “dotted-T”, but then came the really tough decision.

What color will it be?

Well, why choose one? I can make it transparent and dynamically change the background element behind it depending on the season. But then I got another idea, and after playing around with some CSS animations for a few hours, I came up with a way to make this blending colors effect.

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