The Fujita scales have served us well, but it is time to move on

Destruction left behind the Quad-State Tornado

As I write this, it has been roughly three days following a devastating tornado outbreak across the midwestern and southeastern United States. While not yet confirmed, there appeared to be a record-setting tornado that stretched from northeastern Arkansas, across southern Missouri, western Tennessee, and across Kentucky, where recovery operations are ongoing and the death toll climbs every day.

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Nashville, Cookeville, and the case for Weather Radios

As the day changed to Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, a single super cell traveling nearly the length of Tennessee dropped a series of tornados from Benton Co., through the heart of Nashville, and ultimately laying waste to entire neighborhoods in Cookeville and Putnam Co.

At the time of this post, there have been 25 fatalities caused by this storm, making this the second deadliest tornado event in Tennessee since record keeping began in 1950. With any catastrophic loss of life, homes, and business, survivors are left with a lot of questions.

I would like to address the most absurd of these questions that a few extremely unintelligent persons asks: “Why weren’t they warned?”

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