College Football Pick’em – Championship Week

As personally frustrating and painful the Iron Bowl was to this Alabama fan, the images of the lady getting stuck in the hedges have provided me endless hours of chuckles through the tears.

Alas, here we are. It’s Championship Week, a week where every conference has something on the line except the ACC.

The ACC is dog shit.

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College Football Pick’em – Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. The regular season (sans Army-Navy) ends this week. RIP 2019 College Football Regular Season. You were far too young.

It’s Rivalry week, so while technically anything can happen (and if often does), we’ve had 13 weeks to get to know these teams. Last week I went 9-1 in my picks; I’m going 10-0 this week!

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College Football Pick’em – Week 13

The game of football is a rough and violent sport, and Tua Tagovailoa is just another victim of the beast.

I could write endlessly on how frustrating it is to see a talent cut so short, but enough has already been written by those far more qualified to write it.

On to the picks.

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College Football Pick’em – Week 11

Oregon-USC 2019

We’re rounding out to third base on the college football regular season. (Is using a baseball metaphor illegal in college football context?)

This weekend, four undefeateds (sic) will clash in what is expected to be the biggest weekend of the regular season: No. 1 2 LSU at No. 2 3 Alabama, and No. 4 Penn State vs No. 17… Minnesota?


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