College Football Pick’em – Week 13

The game of football is a rough and violent sport, and Tua Tagovailoa is just another victim of the beast.

I could write endlessly on how frustrating it is to see a talent cut so short, but enough has already been written by those far more qualified to write it.

On to the picks.

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College Football Pick’em – Week 11

Oregon-USC 2019

We’re rounding out to third base on the college football regular season. (Is using a baseball metaphor illegal in college football context?)

This weekend, four undefeateds (sic) will clash in what is expected to be the biggest weekend of the regular season: No. 1 2 LSU at No. 2 3 Alabama, and No. 4 Penn State vs No. 17… Minnesota?


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College Football Pick’em – Week 10

College football is the greatest sport in the world because it contains silly things like turnover chains, pig calls, and wagons that pose a major rollover risk.

Speaking of, I wonder if the Sooner Schooner had the NTSB-required rollover warnings on its sun visors?

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College Football Pick’em – Week 9

I would like to quote just a small excerpt of a truly glorious plea to the Big Ten Network (Leave Us Be) by a dedicated Illinois fan prior to their game against Wisconsin as 31.5-point underdogs:

I got an email about BTN Tailgate being in Champaign on Saturday. That’s BTN’s own “College Gameday” show where they go to a campus and do a live show at 9:00 am. It was announced before the season that they’d be in Champaign for the Wisconsin game but I forgot about it until this email. Now, it just seems cruel. Why put our faces on TV? Haven’t we suffered enough?

Oh my.

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